Saturday, February 6, 2010

5 Kids on the Boat!

Marie Ange and Jameson are finally home! We are getting the hang of things and learning how to live together, all is very good. These are great kids and they are eager to please - they just don't always quite know how! We have had an amazing first week together, including a huge 50's birthday party for Hannah's 10th birthday. MA and J will think all Friday nights will hold such frivolity! They will so disappointed next Friday! Today, I took the kids out to ride bikes. I had no idea what to expect, but MA hopped on her bike and she was gone - no training wheels or anything! Jameson was having a tough time, even with training wheels. He kept running into the walls, curbs, etc at one of the schools here in town. Finally, he came whining to me, pointing at the training wheels. I thought, "fine, I'll take them off, but you'll regret it!" I did take them off, but he did not regret it. He hopped on and was then HE was gone, too! I couldn't believe it! I have no idea oif they had access to bikes at the orphanage or what, but I was duly impressed. Today they also enjoyed Lasagna, grilled cheese sandwiches and s'mores for the first time. They're almost Americans already!


Jonathan Blundell said...

Congrats on getting your kids home!

Here's to a quick adjustment. We're working through that process ourselves with the placement of two foster boys in our home Monday night. What a complete change in our house! One day, just me and Laurie - the next - two toddlers running around like crazy.


Christi Ucherek said...

So excited for your family!

-Christi & The Lifesong staff